Flag of Panem

Attention all admin the meeting has been posponed until next friday Panem is a nation that was established in a post-apocalyptic world during an unknown period of time. It is situated mainly on the west side of North America. It is ruled by the Capitol, (placed in what was once known as the Rocky Mountains) and it is surrounded by twelve districts (formerly thirteen). It is unknown if there are more nations or civilized societies beyond Panem.

History Edit

The name Panem is derived from the phrase "Panem et Circenses" which translates from latin which means bread and circuses. In the old Government of Rome, the citizens were forced to give up their freedoms in retun for ample food and entertainment.

Panem is largely based on Ancient Rome. Suzanne Collins has said herself that The Hunger Games are based on Gladiator Games and Greek games in which male and female youth from crete were forced to fight.

The known history of Panem goes back approximately 75 years back when the 1st Hunger Games began.

It is unknown how Panem was formed, but it is suggested that a "The End of the World Phenomenom" ocuured as Katniss, mentioned that Mayor Undersee read the story of Panem in which he mentions fires, rising sea levels, ferocoius strorms and wars. When the phenomenom stopped, The Capitol molded what was left of North America into the Thirteen Districts of Panem.

The Capitol Edit

The Capitol is a technologically advanced city where the wealthy and powerful citizens of Panem reside, it is surrounded by the twelve districts of Panem. The Capitol is the host for the annual Hunger Games and is in charge of organizing them as a punishment for the districts for a revolution called the Dark Days, which resulted in the destruction of district thirteen. The Capitol is a tyrannical dictatiorship led by President Snow (before his death) and holds total power against the districts.