Meetings will be held every Friday at 8:30pmEST/ 5:30pmPST on Nicholas01227 Talk Page. If you cannot make it ahead of time please let Nicholas01227 know ahead of time. If you don't let me know ahead of time and dont show up, we will have a five strike system each unotifed miss will result in a strike.


We will have a five strike system for each missed meeting or anything else that is considered vandalization or something bad. After five strikes you will be blocked from editing and not be an admin anymore for 7 days or anymore or less depending on the severity.


  • You must visit the wiki every day unless unable to acess the website.
  • You will treat others fairly
  • You will make at least 4 edits every week
  • You must follow the admin expectations
  • You will help new users out
  • You will try to get people to visit the wiki
  • You must create at least 1 new page every week
  • If you commit a crime or do something such as cyberbullying, vandalization, etc, you will be reported to Wikia and your punishment will be decided from there.
My name is Nicholas and i am extremely easy going. The expectations above are not difficult to follow and are basic rules, and if you have a problem with anything please tell me .